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Martin Lauer | Managing Director

Martin Lauer.

Managing Director

Martin founded The One Point in May 2005. Since 2005 Martin has successfully steered the company into becoming an award winning Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) managed technology provider to organisations of every type. Interests: Drumming, Art & Football.

Nathan Greenfield | Sales Manager

Nathan Greenfield.

Sales Director

Nathan joined The One Point in 2011. Nathan is highly technical and passionate about the latest technology. Nathan takes an active role in the telecoms side of our business and also manages a team of technical sales consultants. Interests: Technology & Travel.

Nicola Willingham | Finance Manager

Nicola Willingham.

Director of Finance and Operations

Nicola joined The One Point in 2009 as the company’s first full-time finance administrator. Nicola now runs a finance team and oversees the operational and customer satisfaction sides of the company. Interests: Keeping Fit & Socialising.

Martin Charlesworth | CTO

Martin Charlesworth


David Newton | Head of Public Sector

David Newton

Head of Public Sector

Haseeb Dar | IT Manager

Haseeb Dar.

IT Manager

Haseeb joined The One Point in 2012. Haseeb has a Masters in IT Communications and brings a very deep knowledge and understanding of IT to The One Point technical teams. Haseeb thrives on the details and helping others develop. Interests: Cars and Badminton.

David Thompson | Helpdesk Manager

David Thompson.

Helpdesk Manager

David joined The One Point in March 2006. One of the longest serving team members David has seen it all. He has witnessed the growth and development of the company so serves as a steady hand overseeing the helpdesk teams and the mobile division. Interests: Liverpool FC (it is where he is from).

David Carr | Senior Software Architect

David Carr.

Senior Software Architect

David (DC) joined the company in 2009. Fresh out of University, graduating with a 1st Class Degree, David has overseen the development of The One Point’s Digital department. During his time David has trained his own team and launched The One CRM, The One ERP and The One App. Interests: Coding & Coding.

Ash Dent | ICT Team

Ashley Dent.

Engineering Manager and Networks Lead

Ashley (‘Ash’) joined The One Point in 2016. Ash has extensive IT experience having previously excelled in the educational sectors. Ash now oversees the external engineering teams, providing training and support as and when required. Interests: Hull City & Family.

Alex McCallum | Trusted Digital Advisor

Alex McCallum.

Trusted Digital Advisor

Alex joined The One Point in 2014. Alex studied Computer Science at University and went on to become an IT Manager within Schools. Alex has a deep interest in hosted IT and ERP solutions and as such is The One Point’s Trusted Digital Advisor. Interests: Travel & Wine Tasting.

Bryn Abbott | MDM and IT Specialist

Bryn Abbott.

MDM and IT Specialist

Bryn joined The One Point in January 2015. Bryn had previously spent the past 20 years in IT Engineering and Management roles. Bryn fulfils an important role within The One Point through detailed Project/Customer Management, and MDM Specialisms. Interests: Performing Live & Cross Fit.

Chris Roberts | ICT Team Leader

Chris Roberts.

ICT Solutions Manager

Lewis Cook | IT Helpdesk Team Leader

Lewis Cook.

IT Support Manager

Jake Khan | Telecoms Manager

Jake Khan.

Telecoms Manager

Emma Hickling | Finance Assistant

Emma Hickling.

Finance Assistant

Beth Sowersby | Finance Assistant

Beth Sowersby.

Finance Assistant

Sam Drinkall | Technology Solutions Manager

Sam Drinkall.

Technology Solutions Account Manager

Ruby Keable | Marketing Executive Team

Ruby Keable.

Marketing Executive

Kerry Owston | Marketing Executive Team

Kerry Owston.

Marketing Executive

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