David Carr connects remotely with like-minded developers.

15th Jan 2021

One of the silver linings of lockdowns has been experienced by our principle software architect, David Carr.

David, the developer behind our TOP CRM system, has always been an avid supporter of the web development community, attending as many meet-ups and conferences as possible across the country.

The TOP CRM is designed to be a bespoke system that allows businesses to bring their workflows together and see their most important data in one place. And David is always looking out for opportunities to upgrade the system in ways that make our customers lives easier.

Dave attends Laravel Livewire

Meetups such as PHP Minds, which he attended last night and joined in the discussion around developing SDK’s - that’s software development kits for those who don’t speak code - in PHP, the web’s most popular programming language. 

While distance has previously been a barrier to attending meet-ups, modern technology used during lockdown has actually opened up new opportunities thanks to rising popularity and confidence with tools such as Microsoft Teams, which allow people to come together and share ideas and information as if they are in the same room.

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