The One Point take part in the 'Pass IT On' Campaign.

12th Jan 2021

The One Point and Robinson Contract Services take part in the 'Pass IT On' Campaign, sponsored by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Devices that were once thought to be a luxury are now essential to daily life, creating a severe disadvantage for those who are unable to access the internet for work, school or accessing essential services.

At the same time, social isolation is intensified, as many people separated from friends and family are unable to make video calls that many of us take for granted.

The 'Pass IT On' campaign allows local businesses to donate unloved tech, this can include smartphones, tablets, computers as well as accessories that will help someone get online.

Robinson Contract Services asked The One Point to wipe 8 PCs they no longer needed in order to donate them to HEY Smile Foundation, who will further donate these PCs to local individuals or businesses who require the technology, in support of the 'Pass IT On' campaign.

The One Point wipe laptop's for 'Pass IT On' campaign

(Picture: The One Point's Supply Chain Controller, Daniel Elliott, wipes the 8 PCs donated by Robinson Contract Services to HEY Smile Foundation)

For more information about the 'Pass IT On' campaign and to find out how to get involved click here.

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